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2013 Virginia Wind Festival

2013 Wind Festival

Thank you to THMS, our sponsors, exhibitors, teams, coaches, judges, and volunteers- you made this event a great success! We hope you will all join us again next year!!

Even though the weather was not favorable, we had lots of activities going on and the attendance was great. The KidWind Challenge teams were innovative and winners got cash prizes! If you would like to see pictures and stories from the event, please visit our Facebook page. We’ve received encouraging feedback and suggestions for improvement next year. Take this survey to tell us how we did!

The Virginia Center for Wind Energy will host the Virginia Wind Festival on March 16th, 2013 at Thomas Harrison Middle School in Harrisonburg. The Festival will be an informal, fun day with lots of wind activities for kids and opportunities for the community to learn more about wind energy in Virginia and the region.

The goal of the Festival is to inform Virginia residents about the possibilities of wind energy, with a focus on the following:

  • what wind turbines are and how they work
  • there are different scales of wind energy suitable for a range of uses
  • the Virginia Center for Wind Energy is a resource for credible wind energy information
  • anyone can help to advance the development of wind energy in Virginia
  • learning about wind energy is fun!

The VA Center for Wind Energy is offering a wide range of exciting wind energy activities and opportunities for all ages!

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon on-site from 9-11am!

Valley Ballooning, based out of Edinburg VA, will be at the wind festival and explain how wind currents affect travel by hot air balloon. Hot air ballooning can provide a unique way to witness the beauty of nature that no other form of aviation can offer. Hot air ballooning wouldn’t be possible without the energy in the wind; come see the hot air balloon and learn how they travel!

Kid Wind

2013 KidWind Challenge from 10am-4pm!

The 2013 KidWind Challenge will be featured during the Festival. This competition is a great example of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education can be applied to real world issues, such as wind energy generation.

Teams of students from across the state will:

  • construct wind turbines with the goal of generating the most power
  • learn about the advantages and challenges of wind energy
  • present their designs to a panel of judges who will award a score based on the students’ design process, quality of construction, and knowledge of wind energy.

Would you like to be a Judge or register a team for the KidWind Challenge? Contact Remy Pangle at panglerm@jmu.edu, 540-568-8768. Learn more about the KidWind Challenge.

The GUS BUS will be onsite from 11am-1pm!

The Reading Road Show is a mobile literacy program that provides an opportunity for children and their families to share story time and participate in a book exchange program. The Gus Bus is the Reading Road Show’s mobile literacy vehicle.

Don’t miss out! The Gus Bus will be at the Wind Festival and will highlight kids' books about wind energy.


  • Meteorological Tower Raising- So you think you want a wind turbine? The first step is understanding your wind resource - Come see a real meteorological tower being raised and talk with Center experts on how to site a turbine on your property.
  • Small Wind Turbine Showcase- Which turbine is right for you? We will have examples of three small wind systems for residential use including:
    • AIR Breeze (30W)
    • Bergey-XL 1 (1KW)
    • SkyStream 3.7 (2.4KW)

The specifications and requirements for each turbine will be covered, including the costs of each. Questions will be welcomed!

Tower Raising Turbine Turbine 3


  • Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
  • Women of Wind Energy- VA Chapter
  • Valley 25x’25
  • DIY Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicle Association
  • Roger Beale’s Renewable Energy System (hybrid wind/solar)
  • Blue Ridge Community College
  • Alstom
  • Sierra Club- VA Chapter
  • Virginia Center for Wind Energy

Would you like to be an exhibitor at this year’s Virginia Wind Festival? Contact Deanna Zimmerman at zimmerdl@jmu.edu or 540-568-8768 for more information.


  • What Can Wind Energy Do for Me? -Deanna Zimmerman, VCWE
    • A discussion of the potential for wind energy at your home and the steps to achieve renewable energy electricity generation.
  • Community Impacts of Wind Energy - Dr. Jonathan Miles, VCWE
    • A presentation of the most common issues with wind energy at various scales including wildlife, property values, sound, and much more.
  • Offshore Wind in Virginia - Dane Zammit, VCWE
    • An overview of the potential for offshore wind in Virginia as well as a discussion of details of upcoming projects.
  • What Can You Do for Wind Energy? -Eileen Levandoski, Sierra Club
    • This workshop, co-led with Sierra Club, will address the many ways that you can help to progress renewable energy development in Virginia such as writing to your legislators and conserving energy.

Kid's Activities

  • Face painting
  • Make your own kite and/or pinwheel
  • Make a wind sock
  • Make a wind vane/anemometer
  • Blade design challenge
  • Wind energy pledge poster
  • Guess the Wind Speed!
  • Kite Flying
  • Windy Photo Ops


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Contact Deanna Zimmerman at zimmerdl@jmu.edu or 540-568-8768 for more information.