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Landscape Classification System (LCS)

Virginia Renewsable Energy Windmills

A Landscape Classification System (LCS) with GIS-based data suite is presented by the Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative (VWEC) to facilitate the inclusion of environmental information into macro-siting decisions with regard to utility-scale wind power. VWEC presents the LCS for Virginia and supporting materials as its recommended resource to the community at large to better inform responsible wind power development in Virginia.

Landscape Classification System for Virginia
This document contains detailed information and describes the significance of the data layers used in the system.

Download GIS Viewer and Project Files
All files necessary to classify your land are located here.

Virginia Renewsable Energy Windmills

Virginia Renewables Siting Scoring System (VRS3)
This system is an ideal tool for creating wind development zones or for identifying areas where wind development is inappropriate given local planning constraints and community land use objects. The scores created in the process can be used to compare tracts as to their suitability for wind development for community or utility wind.

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