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Shenandoah Valley Solar Tour

LOGO: ASES National Solar TourThis FREE annual event offers the public the opportunity to tour innovative local homes and buildings to see how solar energy is being used. This event is presented in conjunction with the ASES National Solar Tour, the world's largest grassroots solar event. The SV Solar tour is a self-guided tour of homes that are all holding an Open House on the same days.
October 1 & 2, 2016
Thank you to all our host locations for the 2016 Shenandoah Valley Solar Tour. We hope that the weekend was worthwhile to the hosts and the participants.  We look forward to coordinating this event again next year.

If you were a host or a participant and want to tell us about your experience this year and/or have any feedback on how we can make the event better next year, please contact Remy Pangle at panglerm@jmu.edu or 540.568.8768.

The following locations agreed to open their doors for the 2016 SV Solar Tour and are listed in order, roughly speaking, from north to south.

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See a Map of all the Tour Locations

Shenandoah Energy Services
Shenandoah County –Business -

Solar installer with solar and portable solar power on site.


Image result for swttf jmuHarrisonburg – Educational Facility
The Center for Wind Energy at JMU strives to provide educational and technical opportunities, support, and resources to foster the advancement of sustainable energy in Virginia.  The Center hosts a 10kW solar facility on campus as well as a hybrid facility with 750W of solar and a 7.5kW Bergey wind turbine.  .  The Center works closely with Virginia Clean Cities to demonstrate wind and solar technology as they apply to clean transportation.  

Harrisonburg – Residence
6 kW system - 24 panels on tilting, ground mounted framing


Rockingham County
This home has both solar thermal (ground mounted, 10.5 kW) and solar PV (roof, 6.2 kW).


Harrisonburg – Residence
12-panel, 3.8KW system installed through the Solarize Harrisonburg program.  Almost 9MWH produced to date, about 85% of electrical needs.



Rockingham County –
The solar photovoltaic system is on an outbuilding, facing south with nothing blocking exposure to the sun.  It was installed in February 2015 by Sigora Solar.  The hot water system was installed by Blue Ridge Solar in 1999 when the house was built.  It is made up of 6 4 X 10 panels and heats water that is stored in a 500 gallon tank in the cellar.

Harrisonburg – Residence
6.12 kW Solar Photovoltaic system that includes ; Solar Panels 24 x 255 Watt Mono and DC to AC inverters 24 x 215 micro-inverters installed on the roof of the home. Provides 100% of the home's electricity.



Rockingham County – Residence
Solar powered home on a farm near Port Republic with 10.9 kW DC peak power that supplies all the home's electrical needs, aerates a 3/4 acre pond, supplements winter heating and feeds a sunshine-eating Nissan Leaf that gets nearly 4miles/kWh! Come see the assortment of solar powered lawn and garden tools too.

Rockingham County – Residence
7.5 KW grid-tie system with 28 ground mounted panels.


Augusta County – Residence
4.48 kWp system - 16 Q-CELLS Q-PEAK G3 280 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Modules Appropriately Sized Solar Edge Inverter and D.C. Power Optimizers on my roof. The system was designed to provide enough electricity to reduce the home’s annual electric bill by approximately one third. It was installed in January 2016.

Staunton – Business
Altenergy Staunton - We have a 9kW roof and awning combined with battery backup. 



Waynesboro –Business –
34 kW solar electric system includes 180 roof-mounted PV panels and 6 grid-tie SMA inverters



Albemarle County – Residence
This is a 5.6 kW DC solar array that is estimated to produce 50% of the homes annual energy (all electric). The system was installed in January of 2016. It is comprised of 20 all black Q-CELLS Q-PEAK monocrystalline 280 Watt modules with one SMA Sunnyboy Inverter with Secure Power Supply (1,500 Watt off grid outlet).

Albemarle County – Residence
3.8-kW system with AUO panels, each with a micro-inverter, installed in 2012.  These panels are mounted on a shed roof which serves double duty, providing a covered area where a camper is parked. 

Albemarle County – Educational Institution
Brownsville Elementary School - 130 kW solar PV installation. 

Albemarle County
Henley Middle School - 42 kW solar PV installation, Skystream wind turbine, demo panels at ground level that powers student sculpture


Rockbridge County – Residence
9.92kW ground array

Botetourt County – Residence
Jimmy Carter’s solar home plans house, added garage & addition. 55 solar PV panels, 10KW Net Zero Home, Bergey XL-1 wind turbine for battery backup of fridge, well, lights & wood stove. Also all Energy Star appliances and WaterFurnace ground source heat pump (marketing geothermal) and two electric cars that are charged from the sun, Ghia & Nissan Leaf with charging station for the Fincastle area on plugshare.

Botetourt County – Residence
This home features a 6.7KW System (2-Arrays), 24 X 180W Solar World Panels, 24 X M250 Enphase Micro Inverters, Rinnai RL94i Tankless Water Heater, LED Interior/Exterior Lighting, All Energy Star Appliances, Carrier 16 SEER Infinity Series W/Variable Air Handler


If you are a homeowner or business with a solar energy system and love to talk about it, please contact Remy Pangle at panglerm@jmu.edu or 540.568.8768 to be included in the Shenandoah Valley Solar Tour.