James Madison University

2017 Harrisonburg-Rockingham Solar Tour

LOGO: ASES National Solar TourThe Center for Wind Energy joins the nonprofit American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and hundreds of solar-savvy installers and grassroots organizations throughout America to showcase thousands of solar-powered homes, schools and businesses in and across North America -- for the 22nd Annual National Solar Tour, the world’s largest grassroots solar event.

The event, slated for October 21st, 2017, is showcases the solar technologies your neighbors are using to 1) drastically reduce monthly energy bills, 2) reduce harmful carbon emissions, and 3) enjoy rich tax credits and cash incentives as they improve their property values.

The ASES National Solar Tour shows families and businesses real-life examples of how their neighbors are harnessing free energy from the sun to generate electricity, warm and cool their homes, heat water and slash monthly utility bills. On October 21st, The Center for Wind Energy will hold open house tours of more than number of participating sites homes and businesses in the greater Harrisonburg-Rockingham area. This FREE annual event offers the public the opportunity to tour innovative local homes and buildings to see how solar energy is being used.

The following locations agreed to open their doors for the 2017 Harrisonburg-Rockingham Solar Tour

If you are a homeowner or business with a solar energy system and love to talk about it, please contact Remy Pangle at panglerm@jmu.edu or 540.568.8768 to be included in the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Solar Tour.