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State Wind Outreach Team (SWOT)

The Virginia State Wind Outreach Team (SWOT) aims to increase outreach and education efforts in communities which vary geographically throughout the Commonwealth by engaging stakeholders in outreach events. Outreach efforts by the Center for Wind Energy at JMU are essential to aid wind energy development. These types of efforts provide communities with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become adequately informed about opportunities and barriers to wind power.

As the number of counties increases throughout the Commonwealth that are addressing wind power, the demand on the CWE at James Madison University to provide expert services is growing. Because SWOT members are located around the state, local residents gain an opportunity to inform people in their community and help dispel misconceptions while providing unbiased, accurate facts about wind energy in Virginia. SWOT members can be anyone interested in wind energy that lives in Virginia.

The support that voluntary SWOT members provide is invaluable because it allows our Center the ability to maintain an appropriate level of responsiveness so that we may be more effective at what we do. Below is a list of example tasks that SWOT members would conduct.

  • Attend events with CWE Staff to be considered trained
  • Inform CWE of possible outreach events in Virginia
  • Represent the CWE as an unbiased source of wind energy information
  • Attend outreach events on a volunteer basis (when able and willing)
  • Complete Outreach Event Evaluation Form after each event attended and return to a CWE staff member

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a voluntary SWOT member, please contact us.

SWOT Materials


  1. National Perspective on Wind Energy
  2. Wind Energy in Virginia
  3. Center for Wind Energy Overview
  4. Scales of Wind Energy
  5. How a Wind Turbine Works
  6. Economics of Wind Energy
  7. Environmental-Community Considerations
  8. Policy
  9. Project Siting
  10. Wind Resource Assessment
  11. What Can You Do for Wind Energy?

Brochures and Factsheets