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What Can I Do For Wind Energy?

Have a Wind Turbine?

  • Tell us about your turbine – manufacturer, generating capacity, height, performance, who installed it, your experience- we can put it on our map with other turbines in Virginia and will give us an estimate of how much wind there really is in Virginia.
  • Tell others about your turbine! Talk to them about your experiences and the reasoning and process you went through to get one.

Don't Have a Wind Turbine?

  • Contact CWE if you want to inquire about getting a turbine
  • Measure the wind - Apply for our SBALP program
  • Ask questions of our county!

Use Less Energy

  • Practice energy conservation and be more efficient with your energy use. If you don’t have a windy area you can still make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Generate with renewables- Consider whether wind energy or solar PV or solar thermal hot water may be beneficial for your household.
  • Buy ‘green’ energy (if offered). Some electricity providers provide an option to purchase renewable energy for (usually) a few additional cents per kilowatt hour used.

Get and Give the Facts

  • Like us on Facebook to get updates on things going on in the wind industry
  • Ask questions
  • Learn all you can - from reputable sources
    • Fact sheets
    • Presentations
    • Online tools
  • Join the State Wind Outreach Team at the CWE to share your knowledge with others
  • Write an editorial in your local paper

Start Talking to Your Country

  • If your county has a restrictive ordinance or no ordinance at all – be proactive! Virginia has model wind ordinances for every scale - Visit our local planning page to learn more.
  • Consult the DSIRE website to find out what kind of incentives and ordinances are in place in your area.
  • Learn more about the components of an ordinance:
    • Height restrictions
    • Permits
    • Zoning
    • Setbacks
    • Decommission
  • Share the VRS3 tool with your county officials to identify areas for wind energy development in your area

Write to Your Elected Officials

  • Urge them to work with the Bureau of Land Management to find common areas for wind turbines on federal lands
  • Encourage them to support a mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
  • Express your support for renewable energy development in Virginia and the U.S.

AWEA's Guide to Wind Power Advocacy

  • Subscribe to elected officials' newsletters
  • Contact elected officials; meet with elected officials
  • Invite elected officials to tour a wind farm or wind energy manufacturing facility
  • Write editorials and letters to the editor
  • Attend town hall meetings
  • Vote for elected officials who support wind energy
  • Learn more!

Get Involved with the CWE!

  • Visit our Facebook Page to ask questions, give feedback, see current events and project photos, and stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Center and with wind energy throughout Virginia!
  • Join our LinkedIn Group to engage in discussions, participate in polls, read current articles, and ask questions!
  • Skype us via VACenterforWindEnergy to ask questions or just chat with us!