James Madison University

Meet Our Team

The Center for Wind Energy at JMU represents a collective of researchers from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia and its mission is to facilitate research, development and outreach in wind energy throughout the Commonwealth. See below to meet and learn about the core individuals here at JMU.

Dr. Jonathan Miles, Director

Dr. Jonathan Miles, Director; Research, Development, & Commercialization Coordinator
Dr. Jonathan Miles is a Professor of Integrated Science and Technology and Director of the Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University. His background is in physics and mechanical engineering and he teaches a range of courses at all levels involving the applied sciences along with engineering and energy. Dr. Miles has been involved with wind energy since 1998.

Remy Pangle, Associate Director and Curriculum Coordinator

Remy Pangle, Associate Director; Education & Outreach Coordinator
Remy is the Director of Education and Outreach and State Facilitator for the Wind for Schools (WfS) program in Virginia. She works mainly with educators and school administrators to bring meaningful wind (and all alternative) energy education into the classroom. She also has an interest in offshore wind and other sources of ocean renewable energy. Remy has a background in Integrated Science and Technology as well as Oceanography.

Phil Sturm, Project Facilitator

Phil Sturm, GIS Analyst, Project Facilitator
Phil is the GIS analyst and Project Facilitator at the Center for Wind Energy. As point of contact for wind and solar inquiries, Phil uses various desktop GIS tools to assess site characteristics, and make recommendations to property owners. Phil is responsible for keeping accurate records of recorded wind data as well as GIS databases used for other project analysis. He also works with CWE website design, interactive mapping, and graphic design using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Phil manages CWE equipment and supplies used in the SBALP program, and the Small Wind Training and Testing Facility (SWTTF). Phil graduated with honors from James Madison University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in the Geographic Science. Phil completed the dual concentration track of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (ECSD) and Applied Geographic Information Science (AGIS).