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Wind For Schools Turbines

Host Schools

Many of our Wind for Schools host schools have been connected to the ¬†OpenEI Wind for Schools Portal. Our Host Schools include:


Affiliate Schools

If your school already has one (or more!) wind turbines installed to help teach about alternative energy technology to generate renewable electricity, we offer the Wind for Schools affiliate program to support the implementation of an education program for your school.

As an affiliate, your school will receive a number of benefits, which includes having your school turbine(s) connected to the Wind for Schools OpenEI website, which collects wind data from all affiliate schools in the country! Connecting your wind turbine data stream to the OpenEI website helps the researchers by giving them more data to work with. You will be able to view your turbine’s performance at any time and you can also compare your turbine against any other wind turbine connected to the database! Find out more information about the Wind for Schools Program and how to participate.

Our current Affiliate Schools include: