James Madison University

Current Host School Resources

This page is to provide resources for current Host Schools working on their Small Wind Installation. During the development process there are many steps that require a bit more help and extra materials. If there is anything that you would like to see added to this page please contact us.

  • Roles - This document outlines the roles of JMU versus those of the Host School
  • Project Development Checklist - This document provides a list of the steps in the project development process as a guide for Host Schools. This is also the same list that we use in the project development activity guide.
  • Site Visit checklist - This document is a worksheet to use when conducting a site visit and outlines all of the necessary information to collect to analyze the site for turbine installation.
  • Low Cost Option Factsheet - This document outlines the specs for different small wind turbines that might perform better in low wind speeds and also cost less.
  • Jar test - Soil Characterization - This document provides instructions on how to conduct a simple jar test to characterize the soil at your intended installation site for determining foundation design.
  • Installation checklist - This document provides a list of the steps in the installation process. This can be used as a guide when identifying and assigning roles for your community donated services.
  • Community donation estimated values - This table lists the items that could be donated by the community for the installation of the turbine along with estimated values of those donations.
  • Scopes of Work - These are designed to be generic documents for schools to hand out to local businesses to solicite community donations of time, skill, and equipment.
  • Grant writing guide - This handbook includes information on potential funding opportunities, Wind for Schools grant writing guidelines and example grants, and other resources that will help you compose grant proposals for your school's project.
  • XZERES Skystream Discount Application – XZERES wind will be offering a 20% discount to schools participating in the Wind for Schools program! XZERES offers 34’, 45’, 55’, and 75’ towers for the Skystream 3.7 Turbine. Use this application to receive your discount and get in touch with XZERES wind.
  • Residential wind and your neighborhood factsheet - Southwest Wind Power provides a nice factsheet that addresses all the typical concerns of a neighbor: sound, safety, visual impact, property values, etc and includes a sample letter you could send to neighbors about your installation.
  • Residential wind and birds factsheet - Southwest Wind Power provides a nice factsheet that breifly addresses the concerns related to birds and the Skystream 3.7.
  • Tower height factsheet - The Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) provides a concise briefing on why it is so important to build wind turbines on tall towers.
  • Wind Ordinance Factsheet - The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) privides a discussion onj wind ordinances: how to estabish one and the main elements.
  • SkyStream user manual
  • SkyStream foundation and tower install manual
  • SkyStream SMarT foundation manual
  • Skyview Monitoring Software Spec Sheet
  • Using data from the INL database - This is a presentation put together by the folks at Boise State to help teachers through the process of accessing real-time wind data from the INL website and importing it into Excel to work with.