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Mapping Data

Data on this page was collected as part of a research study with the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium. All data is from publicly available sources and have been compiled and refined for use with the Map Extension Activities on the Activities and Lesson Plans page. The data are intended FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. If you are interested in the data for scientific research or other reasons please contact us.

Virginia data and US data are provided as are some world wide data. Data are provided in GIS shapefiles for use with ArcGIS software or other GIS software for viewing and limited analysis as well as in Google Earth files for viewing only. Data layers can also be viewed on our map server (coming soon) without downloading. Additional maps are provided as image files (not georeferenced) for more information about ocean processes and mammal distributions. Lastly, real-time ocean data are provided for use in power calculations and comparisons.

GIS Data (A-Z)

All Data Layers gis (446 MB), kml (3 MB)

Administrative Borders - gis, kml

Artificial Reefs - gis, kml

Benthic Data
Macro Data - gis, kml
Study Area - gis, kml
Trawl Data - gis, kml

Buoys - gis, kml

Chlorophyll Concentration - gis

Coaste Relief Bathymetry - gis

Counties with Population - gis, kml

ETOPO2 Bathymetry - gis

Limits (3nm) - gis, kml

Marine Mammals (OBIS)
Birds (Mid Atlantic) - gis, kml
Mammals (Mid Atlantic) - gis, kml
Ray-finned fish - gis, kml
Schools of fish - gis, kml
Turtles - gis, kml
Sharks - gis, kml

Mid Atlantic States (land) - gis

Real-Time Data

Map Images

Military (including Wallops Wedge) - gis, kml-1, kml-2

Dump Sites - gis, kml

Shipping Lanes - gis, kml

Species Richness - gis

MMS Lease Blocks - gis, kml

States (US) - gis

Threatened Species - gis

Transmission Lines and Substations - gis, kml-1, kml-2

Vessel Traffic - gis

Wind Class
All Wind Classes - gis, kml
Wind Class 3 - gis, kml
Wind Class 4 - gis, kml
Wind Class 5 - gis, kml
Wind Class 6 - gis, kml

World (land) - gis

Wrecks - gis, kml

Global Currents 1 (metadata) Global Currents 1

Global Currents 2 (metadata) Global Currents 2

Significant Wave Height (metadata) Significant Wave Height

Wave Period (metadata) Wave period

Summer Satellite Winds (metadata) Summer Satellite Winds

Winter Satellite Winds (metadata) Winter Satellite Winds

Porpoises (Marine Mammals) (metadata) Porpoises