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Get Involved with Wind for Schools

Get Involved with Wind for Schools

Host Schools

Host Schools are those schools that we help to get a wind turbine on their campus.  Any school is encouraged to pursue a small wind project at their school if they are interested.  However, due to funding restrictions we are only able to assist two to three schools through the entire process each year.   Below we list out the intended roles for JMU and for the Host School through this program. Learn more about getting a turbine on your campus.


As the Wind Application Center we facilitate and assist with the development of a small wind project at the school, providing:

  • Help with siting the turbine on your campus
  • Help with project management and installation logistics
  • Help with permitting
  • Help finding funding opportunities
  • Help to educate students
  • Find reputable installer
  • Train teachers
  • Help plan and execute a dedication ceremony once the turbine is installed
  • Assist with linking your turbine with the national Wind for Schools data website


As the Host School, the champion at the school is responsible for:

  • Getting School Board approval
  • Getting City/County approval and permits
  • Identifying funding sources and writing proposals
  • Educating students about project development
  • Getting teachers trained on wind energy curricula
  • Using the turbine and its data to teach about energy in the classroom

JMU does not provide the funds for the turbine!
We will send out a notice to all when we are looking for new Host schools, but please feel free to send us an application anytime and we will keep it on file.

Below is a list of the Host Schools in Virginia. Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from Host School Installations. View data from these turbines.


Partner Schools

The Partner School program offers a FREE loan of a 20m meteorological tower from the CWE outfitted with an anemometer and a wind vane to schools that would like to measure the wind to be sure that they have the wind resource to pursue the installation of a small wind turbine on their campus.   We aim to install towers at four schools each year. Learn more about getting a MET tower at your campus.

We accept applications for Partner Schools year-round but will only review applications as met towers become available.  We will send out an email to all applicants on file and all teachers on our mailing list when towers become available.  Please feel free to send us an application anytime and we will keep it on file.

Below is a list of the Partner Schools in Virginia. For towers currently installed the date of decommission reflects the earliest date a tower would be available for a new school. Check out our Facebook page for pictures from MET tower installations. View data from these turbines.


Affiliate Schools

There are many schools around the state that already have wind turbines on their campus to help teach about alternative energy technology or to generate renewable electricity. The Wind for Schools affiliate program is designed to support the implementation of an education program at a K-12 school with staff interested in incorporating wind energy into existing educational programs.
As an affiliate, schools are offered teacher training on wind energy education materials and are invited to connect to and contribute their data to the database of wind energy measurements from all the Host Schools in the country.

If your school has a wind turbine and you would like to become an Affiliate School, please Contact Us so that we can alert you to upcoming teacher training opportunities and also send you instructions on how to connect to the national database of wind energy measurements.

Below is a list of the Affiliate Schools in Virginia. View data from these turbines.