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The CWE offers many resources for teachers to use to teach about renewable energy in the classroom. We offer links to online curricula, individual lesson plans for building your own modules, apps, books, mapping data, and project development resources for Host Schools as they build their small wind projects.

Online Renewable Energy Curricula

Individual Lesson Plans and Activities

View our favorite and most used/requested lesson plans that have been taken from online curricula or other online sources.

Wind Energy Apps

The CWE has been working on identifying apps that might be applicable in the classroom to teach wind energy concepts. Below is a list of the apps we have been playing with so far. We are also working on lesson plans and activities to go with these apps to help you integrate them into your classroom. Please check back as we will post those here as well.

  • Wind Tunnel Pro HD - Turn your iPad/iPhone into a wind tunnel simulator and learn more about how airfoils, like those of wind turbine blades, perform. You can even calculate the lift/drag ratio for your airfoil shape!
  • WeatherBug - Download WeatherBug to access the world’s largest network of real-time weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts, the fastest alerts and more. Access data from JMU or any other Weatherbug school in the state to see their current wind speeds and other weather conditions.
  • Shaka Wind Meter - Accurately measure wind speed and air temperature anywhere with Shaka Wind Meter on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and make better choices along the way!
  • Vaavud Wind Meter - Turn your iPhone into a high-tech meteorological tool with the Vaavud app and the Vaavud wind meter.
  • Anemometer - Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as virtual Anemometer. Additional displaying temperature, felt temperature, air humidity, barometer. In Settings you can save 6 own cities. 4 day preview. Use this app to understand how wind speeds differ around the world!
  • iWindTurbine - Build your own wind turbine and see how many houses can be powered with your wind turbine. Play with different variables of the power equation to see how they impact performance!
  • Win(d)Scout - Win(d)Scout calculates the expected earnings for a wind turbine (WT) at a selected location. It is fun!
  • Wing Whackers - Help save your favorite flying hero from extinction. Navigate him safely home to his family avoiding both natural and human-made obstacles. I promise there is an educational value to this app! Use it to teach about important concepts related wildlife impacts of wind turbines.
  • Decibal Meter-Pro – Use this app to measure the sound level at different distances from a turbine and compare them to sound levels of other common sources of sound like a refrigerator or a classroom at work!
  • Google Earth - Fly around the planet with a swipe of your finger with Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Explore distant lands or reacquaint yourself with your childhood home. Use this app to understand the lay of the land for a potential wind turbine to help with siting!
  • WeatherCaster - When severe weather threatens, be the first to know with weather alerts, live Doppler radar maps, and an interactive hurricane tracker. Use this app to understand weather conditions near your turbine!
  • KidWind's Guide to Energy Apps – some of the apps mentioned above are also in here but there are LOTS more for you to browse as well.

Renewable Energy Books

We have many books to lend out to educators, ranging from children’s picture books to intermediate and high school level informational books, as well as curriculum books for educators’ use. View the list of the books we have available and how to borrow them.

Renewable Energy DVDs

We have some DVDs available to lend out to educators. If you are interested in borrowing one of these DVDs, please contact us.

  • Modern Marvels - Renewable Energy
  • Kilowatt Ours
  • Kilowatt Ours - classroom version (10)

Classroom Kit Lending Library

The Center for Wind Energy offers several wind and other renewable energy classroom kits for loan to educators. These kits provide a hands-on learning experience for students to learn about the importance of renewable energy and creating a more sustainable world while addressing needed SOLs for Virginia (view matrix). With each kit, you will receive the materials to carry out the activity and the included lesson plan. Some kits come with additional resources such as student worksheets and activity extensions. View a list of all available kits and more information on how to borrow them.

Kits to Purchase

There are many wind energy kits out there and we only have some of these great products available for teachers to borrow. Below is a list of the many companies that offer wind energy (and solar energy) kits that you may want to purchase for your classroom.

*You can also just type 'wind energy classroom kits' into Google shopping and see the results.

  • NEED
  • KidWind
  • Carolina Biological
  • Nasco
  • Pitsco
  • Thames & Kosmos
  • LEGO

GIS data for Map Extension Activities

Many of the lesson plans and activities that we provide had optional Map Extension Activities associated with them. For these extension activities, students will need specific GIS data. Access ArcMap shapefiles or Google Earth kml files.

Wind for Schools Host School Project Development

As Wind for Schools Host Schools are working on their project development, there are many steps in the process that require a bit more help and extra materials. View list of resources for current Host Schools working on their small wind installation. We provide everything from pricing lists for turbines to scopes of work for donated services that you might need to secure. If there is anything that you would like to see added to this page please contact us.