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Virginia Wind for Schools

  • Congratulations to our Host School Luray High School on their installation of the Skystream 3.7 in July 2013!

Program Overview

Wind Powering America sponsors the Wind for Schools project to raise awareness in rural America about the benefits of wind energy while simultaneously developing a wind energy knowledge base in future leaders of our communities, states, and nation. The basic structure of a Wind for Schools program includes the creation of a Wind Application Center at a university where wind energy education will be infused into the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Additionally, a state facilitator is appointed to reach out to K12 schools (host schools) to encourage the implementation of a small wind turbine at the school to increase awareness and education about wind energy. Schools not only get an amazing new technology as a teaching tool but are also trained on curricula to incorporate this technology and its data into the classroom. It is important to note that this porgram does NOT give you a wind turbine, the program is in place to help facilitate turbine installation and will help schools understand the process and find funding sources to help offset the cost of the system. To learn more about the Wind for Schools program in general go here.

Currently there are 11 states with Wind for Schools programs. Virginia was one of five states to join the Wind for Schools program in 2010, along with Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Here in Virginia we understand that our wind resource is very patchy and is limited to mainly mountain ridges and the coastal and offshore regions. However, when a wind installation is intended to increase awareness and education, the economics of the program become less important. We encourage any school that is interested in beginning a discussion of renewable energy to consider incorporating a wind turbine at their school. We intend to involve schools that already have wind turbines, schools that want wind turbines, schools that want to be part of the program by collecting wind data, as well as museums. Below we discuss in detail all the aspects of the Virginia Wind for Schools program.

Click here for a 1 page informational document about the Wind for Schools Program in Virginia.