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Landscape Classification System (LCS)


A Landscape Classification System (LCS) with GIS-based data suite is presented by the Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative (VWEC) to facilitate the inclusion of environmental information into macro-siting decisions with regard to utility-scale wind power. The LCS is based extensively on definitions of land use types presented to members of the VWEC by a working group of environmental scientists and activists. In some instances, VWEC and its environmental working group differed in opinion regarding the inclusion of certain land use types in specific landscape classification categories; however, VWEC and the working group agreed on many aspects of the LCS.

VWEC presents the LCS for Virginia and supporting materials as its recommended resource to the community at large to better inform responsible wind power development in Virginia.

Landscape Classification System for Virginia.  
This document contains detailed information and describes the significance of the data layers used in the system.

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All files necessary to classify your land are located here.

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Disclaimer: Some members of the working group have subsequently reorganized and have recommended another version of the LCS. In addition, they have developed a supplementary document that contains materials inconsistent with the charter of the working group set forth in July 2003. The Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative is not associated with this newly-formed working group, nor does it endorse the materials it presents, notwithstanding any suggested affiliation.