James Madison University

GIS Viewer and Project File Instructions

The MXD, APR and AEP project files were created in ArcMap 8.3, ArcView 3.3 and ArcExplorer 2.0 respectively on April 28, 2005. These project files contain the arrangement and layer display properties for all of the data for your appropriate GIS editor/viewer.

Download the Metadata.zip and VA Wind Enviro Project Files (aep apr mxd formats).zip on this page and all of the zip files on the data download page. If you do not have ArcGIS 8.x or 9 or ArcView 3.x, you will also need to download the ArcExplorer Viewer.zip on this page and run the executable to install ArcExplorer 2.0 to view the data. Extract all data from the zip files directly into the following directory path on your computer: C:\Wind

All shapefiles are in the same projection and datum: UTM17 NAD27 The bitmap is in the same projection, but a different datum: UTM17 WGS84 (Thus the bitmap does not line up precisely with the shapefiles, but it is useful as an approximate backdrop.)

The data dictionary within the Metadata.zip file was provided as an abbreviated guide to acknowledge the original source of the data (federal agency, state agency, non-profit organization, private company). The data dictionary should also be used to cross reference the metadata.

GIS Viewer and Project Downloads

ArcExplorer Viewer.zip


VA Wind Enviro Project Files (aep apr mxd formats).zip

GIS Data Layer Downloads

Appalachian Trail (center line and buffers).zip

NPS (Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Parkway).zip


Submerged Aquatic Vegetation.zip

USDA Forest Service - National Forest ownership boundaries

USFS Inventoried Roadless Areas.zip

USFS Management and Prescription Areas.zip

USFS Old Growth (JNF).zip

USFS Uninventoried Roadless Areas.zip

USFS Wilderness Study Areas.zip

USFWS Wildlife Refuges.zip

VA DCR-NHR Screening.zip

VA Major Roads.zip

VA Outdoors Foundation Easements.zip

VA Offshore Wind 90 meters

VA Ridge and Valley Wilderness and National Scenic Act.zip

VA Rivers and Fishable Trout Streams (downloaded from the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries website listed as Cold Water Streams Survey (CWSS) - trout streams)

VA State and County Boundaries.zip

VA State Forests.zip

VA State Parks.zip

VA TNC Selected Ecoportfolio and Preserves

VA Wildlife Management Areas (downloaded from the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries website listed as VDGIF Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Boundaries)

Wind Class Shapes and Bitmap.zip