James Madison University

2010 State Wind Energy Symposium

Wind Conference

The goal of this symposium was to inform stakeholders and other interested parties about the progress that wind power made in the region over the past few years and opportunities for the future. This Symposium addressed timely issues pertaining to wind power development in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region through a series of workshops and panel discussions. Workshops were offered the morning of the 16th and the afternoon of the 17th. Concurrent tracks were offered on the 16th and 17th. Presentations are available below.

Download the new 80m Virginia wind map featured at the Symposium


Wind Conference

Small Wind Installation
Leaders: Dale D’Alissandro, Chesapeake Renewable Energy; Pramod Jain, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

National Education Energy Development (NEED) Teacher Workshop
Leader:  Tom Spencer

Navigating the Permit by Rule
Leaders: Carol Wampler, VA DEQ; Emil Avram, Dominion; Don Geicek, Invenergy; Ken Jurman, VA DMME

Virginia Renewable Scoring System for Siting (VRS3) & Ordinance Writing
Leaders:  Maria Papadakis & Jonathan Miles, James Madison University

Keynote Speakers:

June 16th

Wind Conference Wind Conference

June 17th

Wind Conference bolling keynote.jpg Wind Conference Wind Conference

Session Tracks:

Panel Discussions:  Wednesday June 16th, 2010

Wind Issues

Education & Workforce

HHS 2301 HHS 1301

Moderator: Randy Swisher

Wind Turbines and Residential Property Values 
Ben Hoen, Lawrence Berkley National Lab (Virtual)

Audible Noise from Wind Turbines
Pramod Jain, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

The Effect of Offshore Wind on Coastal Tourism
Meredith Blaydes Lilley, University of Delaware

I Have Windy Property
Remy Luerssen, James Madison University

Wind for Schools
Moderator: Suzanne Tegen

Wind for Schools Overview Suzanne Tegen, National Renewable Energy Lab

Wind for Schools in Idaho
Gary Seifert, Idaho National Labs

Wind for Schools PA/VA/NC
Jonathan Miles, James Madison University

Environmental Issues
Moderator: Ivy Main

Avoided Emissions
Jeff King, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Impact of Turbines on Bats
Allison Costello, Pandion Systems

DEQ’s Wind Energy Permit by Rule: Approach to HISTORIC RESOURCES
Carol Wampler, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Managing Potential Marine Impacts Associated With Off-Shore Wind Farm Development
Charles R. Harman, AMEC Earth & Environmental

Training Programs
Moderator: Trenton Hightower

Small Wind Installer Training
Loren Pruskowski, Sustainable Energy Development Inc.

Iowa Lakes Community College Wind Energy and Turbine Technology – Vision and Commitment Shaping Technical Training
Dan Lutat, Iowa Lakes Community College

Wind Technician Training Courses in Virginia
Earl Dodrill, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College

Legislative Update
 Moderator: Steve Walz

Federal update
PJ Dougherty, SMI

State update
Ellen Porter, Virginia Division of Legislative Services

Job Creation
Moderator: Jerry Giles

Green Jobs and Workforce Development
Sharon Johnson, Shenandoah Valley Workforce Investment Board

JEDI – Economic and Job Analysis
Suzanne Tegen , National Renewable Energy Lab

Offshore Wind Supply Chain
Tim Wilkins, Paliria Energy

Panel Discussions:  Thursday June 17th, 2010



HHS 2301 HHS 1301

Onshore Projects
Moderator: Ken Jurman

Highland New Wind
Tal McBride

Emil Avram

Don Giecek

Bill Rogers

Small & Community Scale Wind Systems
Moderator: Loren Pruskowski

Community Scale Turbines
Peter Fogarty, Northern Power Systems

Small Wind Systems
Miriam Robbins, Southwest Windpower

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Jeremy Peang-Meth, Windspire Technology/Blue Sun Renew.

Offshore Projects
Moderator: Guy Chapman

VCERC Update
George Hagerman

Eamon Perrel

Challenges for Offshore Wind Development in Virginia
Theo DeWolff, SeaWind Renewable Energy

Fisherman’s Energy: a New Paradigm
Aviv Goldsmith

Project Development
Moderator: Phil Dougherty

Incentives and Financing
Peter Fogarty, Northern Power Systems

Mid-Atlantic Wind: Overcoming the Barriers
Dan Ancona, Princeton Energy Resources International

Developing Wind Ordinances
John Meck, Rockingham County

Grid Interconnection
Pramod Jain, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Regulatory Issues
Moderator: Maureen Matsen

Virginia Offshore Renewable Energy Leasing Process
Al Pless, U.S. Minerals Management Service

Changes from SCC to DEQ Jurisdiction
David Paylor, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Radar issues and interagency coordination
 PJ Dougherty, SMI

Community Perspective
Moderator: Jonathan Miles

Tangier Island, VA – Community Wind Project
Neil & Susan Kaye, Tangier Island Residents

A Residential Small Wind Project
Joyce & Richard Rouse

Small Wind System at a School
Jon Richardson and Neil Sigmon, Gereau Center

Post Conference Meetings: 

Wind Powering America Wind for Schools Program Informational - notes
Leaders:  Remy Pangle, James Madison University

Small Wind Installer Informational - notes
Leader:  Loren Pruskowski, Sustainable Energy Development

Two-Year College Meeting - notes
Leader:  Jonathan Miles, James Madison University

Small Wind Rebate Program Informationalnotes
Leaders:  Loren Pruskowski, Sustainable Energy Development; Remy Luerssen, James Madison University

Legislative Meeting - notes
Leader:  Don Giecek, Invenergy